Arts & Entertainment Holidays

Our arts and entertainment holidays are the perfect antidote for a busy, stressful life. They are aimed to amuse, inspire, and entertain. International Jazz Day (Apr. 30), National Poetry Day (Oct. 4), World Book Day (April 23), Global Beatles Day (June 25), are just some of the holidays on our list of 46. And you don’t have to stop at one.

Wed Jan 2
National Science Fiction Day
Thu Jan 3
JRR Tolkien Day
Tue Jan 8
Elvis Presley’s Birthday
Mon Jan 15
National Hat Day
Fri Jan 18
National Winnie the Pooh Day, , ,
Mon Jan 21
Museum Selfie Day
Sat Feb 2
National Ukulele Day
Sat Feb 10
National Umbrella Day
Sat Mar 2
Dr. Seuss’s Birthday,
Tue Mar 6
National Dress Day
Wed Mar 21
National Fragrance Day
Wed Mar 21
World Poetry Day
Mon Apr 23
World Book Day
Sat Apr 28
National Superhero Day
Sun Apr 29
International Dance Day
Mon Apr 30
International Jazz Day
Fri May 4
Star Wars Day,
Sat Jun 9
National Donald Duck Day
Mon Jun 25
Global Beatles Day
Thu Jul 5
National Bikini Day
Sat Jul 14
Bastille Day
Tue Jul 17
World Emoji Day
Sun Jul 29
National Lipstick Day
Mon Jul 30
National Dance Day
Wed Aug 1
Spider-Man Day
Thu Aug 2
National Coloring Book Day,
Sun Aug 5
National Underwear Day
Tue Aug 7
National Lighthouse Day
Thu Sep 6
National Read a Book Day
Fri Sep 14
National Coloring Day,
Sat Sep 15
Batman Day,
Tue Sep 25
National Comic Book Day, ,
Wed Oct 3
Mean Girls Day
Thu Oct 4
National Poetry Day
Sat Oct 13
National No Bra Day
Sun Oct 21
​Back to the Future Day
Thu Oct 25
National Art Day
Thu Nov 1
National Author's Day
Fri Nov 9
Go to an Art Museum Day
Sat Nov 10
Sesame Street Day
Sun Nov 11
National Metal Day, ,
Sun Nov 18
Mickey Mouse Day
Tue Dec 4
Jay-Z’s Birthday
Thu Dec 13
National Violin Day,
Tue Dec 18
Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day
Wed Dec 19
National Emo Day, , , , ,