National Soft Pretzel Month – April 1, 2019


Kick off spring while enjoying sunny days, a cool drink, a gentle breeze, and a delicious treat. This April, celebrate National Soft Pretzel Month with this delectable delight. Whether salted, seasoned, dipped, rolled, or served as is, soft pretzels provide the scrumptious, guilty pleasure that our taste buds crave. No matter if you’re grabbing a quick bite on the go, kicking back at a ball game, or just enjoying a tasty snack, this twisty, intertwining treat will always “loop” you around to a smile.

National Soft Pretzel Month - History


Pretzels entered the machine age — finally

Federal Pretzel Baking Company created the first machine-produced stamped-cut soft pretzel.


Soft pretzels came stateside

Southern German and Swiss German immigrants, who became known as the Pennsylvania Dutch, introduced soft-shaped pretzels with different shapes.


Pretzels are a Catholic dish

Catholics once considered pretzels the “official food of Lent," and by the 16th century, it became a tradition to eat pretzels on Good Friday.

610 AD

Pretzels are invented

According to legend, an Italian monk invented pretzels as a reward for children who learned their prayers.

National Soft Pretzel Month Activities

  1. Dip away

    There are no off-limits when it comes to pretzel dip, so go ahead and experiment. Whether it’s caramel, cheese, mustard, sweet glaze, cream cheese, or your own personal invention, you can’t go wrong.

  2. Have a pretzel cook-off

    With a few simple ingredients, a few kitchen tools, and an oven, you can easily make your own soft pretzels. Invite a few friend over to see who can fashion the best tasting, most creative, and mouth watering snacks to share.

  3. Go to a ball game

    Celebrate this spring month by heading to your favorite sporting event and chowing down on this delicious snack as you cheer on your favorite team.

4 Twisted Facts About Pretzels

  1. Philly. Loves. Pretzels.

    Philadelphians consume approximately 12 times as many pretzels annually as the national average.

  2. Pretzel business is booming

    Worldwide, a billion dollars worth of pretzels are sold each year.

  3. Pretzels can change your life

    On New Years Day in ancient Germany, children would hang pretzels around their neck in order to bring good luck into the new year.

  4. Pennsylvania is the pretzel hub of the United States

    About 80% of pretzels in the U.S. today are made in Pennsylvania.

Why We Love National Soft Pretzel Month

  1. Pretzels have religious significance

    Pretzels are regarded as having religious significance among Catholics. The knot shape has been claimed to represent hands in prayer, and the three holes within the pretzel represent the three persons of the Holy Trinity

  2. Pretzels are everywhere

    Soft pretzels have become a staple at entertainment venues such as movie theaters, arenas, concert halls, and stadiums. Philadelphia's credited with introducing the first American soft pretzel.

  3. Pretzels have massive influence

    The pretzel has become an element in popular culture. More than just a popular food, the pretzel’s unique knotted design has inspired architectural and artistic ideas, perspectives, attitudes, and images.